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Hollywood Cameraman Insists He Invented The Celebrity Selfie In 1981 - Courant.com

Weekender "Generally I am not that ostentatious," said Wisbrod, now 67 and semi-retired. "It just seems like it is bad form to be bragging. But what the hell." Wisbrod began taking the photos in 1981, shortly after the introduction of Canon's Sure Shot 35-millimeter compact camera, one of the first autofocus models to hit the market. It would allow him to take a self-portrait that he could count on being in focus. Still, his first Sure Shot selfie with humorist Art Buchwald came out blurry. But kim kardashian imdb Wisbrod quickly got the hang of it, and termed the images "silly shots," though his friends would eventually call them "Lesters." The photographs capture Hollywood in all home page of its mystifying allure. For every enduring star there's http://brainfoat.skyrock.com a has-been, and plenty of former cultural touchstones who long ago faded to obscurity.
Source: http://www.courant.com/entertainment/la-et-ct-c1-hollywood-selfies-lester-wisbrod-20140715,0,6670656.story?track=rss

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